The Montreal International FestiBlues is a cultural event presented primarily outdoors in Montreal Ahunstic Park. However, FestiBlues also holds events at restaurants and bars nearby. Being the only major international event taking place in the north of the island of Montreal, FestiBlues helps boost cultural offerings outside the city center.

FestiBlues takes place in August over a span of four days, celebrating this year its seventeenth edition. It offers blues programming and related music.  In order to be accessible to a greater number of people, FestiBlues has a low pricing policy, offering quality programming with over fifty artists from national and international sources.

Through a collaboration of more than ten years with the Blues sur Seine festival in France, FestiBlues allows local emerging blues artists from Quebec to perform in France and vice versa, while striving to promote the Francophone side of blues.

The FestiBlues is also a positive social opportunity. Each year, hundreds of young people have the chance to work at the festival in order to experience the business aspect of the production of events. To others, it is a chance to develop a genuine passion for the work done in this field.
Responsible event

The FestiBlues is conscious of its impact and is committed to developing sustainability at an environmental, social, ecological and economical level.

A tremendous amount of effort is made to create an eco-responsible event. Included in its many successful achievements, the International FestiBlues of Montreal has also been named a finalist in the "Environment and Sustainable Development" category at the ESTim Awards in 2010 organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Montreal.

Since October 2010, the FestiBlues is a proud partner of the “ICI ON RECYCLE! RECYC-QUÉBEC” program. FestiBlues works diligently in order to respect the 3R concept; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Awareness projects, recycling terminals, composting stations, and bike parking stations are some examples of activities established by the FestiBlues crew. For several years, amongst the top priorities of FestiBlues have been the encouragement of local partners and the hiring of local youth. The majority of documents are printed on recycled and FSC classified paper. Moreover, the overall communication plan has been revised to reduce its ecological footprint (maximizing internet use and decreasing the number of printed papers.)          For other activities on the economic and social level, visit our pages: Values, Cultural Mediation and Twinning.
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